"How can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe, or how delineate the wretch whom with such infinite pains and care I had endeavored to form?" (shelley)

I see man has pride in grown an ear on the back of a mouse. and seek also to clone hond and food animal! is there no end to what horrors by man who think he is a God can do? glory for maak creatures of nightmare? what maak people think they can live always? that they are entitled to have replacement parts? does man not know that parts will break down and bring the end to you? that is the order of nature! also, what world does creature of science inhabit? do a clone know it is a clone? what sad exist befall a creature with no true beginning! and no place to be with others. isolation and many sorrows is the fate of the Creature.

it is a boschian hell we enter all of us together.

"I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I rushed out of the room . . ." (shelley)

vaarwel voor nu,


freya said...

infi said:
Yes yes, I have seen the ear mouse, and Bosch would like it yes very much.

Ear mouse, Dolly sheep, killer corn, all in our name.

Do not eat anything you do not buy at Whole Foods.
Only cook at home.
No FrankenFoods.
11:18 AM  

Mr Q said...
Some people never want to:
Be Alone
Eat Right

I want and try to:
Live longer
Have someone to age with
Eat Real Organic
Be Active

Do make choices for your cubs, but let your cubs make choices too and this world may have a chance (I went overoptimistic there for a sec).
12:06 PM  

freya said...
ja fruhling! and what catched in the wild is goede also. i am work against monsanto in oorlog van voedsel (war of food).

maak bouquet now chaos bloem.
12:09 PM  

freya said...

is correct what u say. body is a goede machine of simple function. like auto, no? maybe only ladies for loving is metaphor for auto? (i follow you, ja!)

yes be optimism. for me it is een strijd for i have little sun in the high het noorden.

dank u
12:18 PM  

Reverend X said...
I realized that there was a problem a few years ago. It was when scientists at Cambridge University successfully spliced jellyfish DNA into a monkey. Their intent was to create a glow in the dark monkey. I can understand the need to find your monkey in the dark, I guess, but all I could imagine was a monkey who could shoot tentacles out its ass. I spent a little time pondering this situation and realized something. When I was in college I did what most people do, drank bear and watched horror movies. The scientist types did not. They missed out on the full education available and therefore have no idea what horrors they are creating.
1:44 PM  

Ben said...
Nah, revx, they did see all the movies and said: boring. Beginner's stuff. We can do better. 

Freya, you're charming. THNX for stopping by the other day. Yours and every other's "Hello" has been much appreciated.
2:08 PM  

Anonymous said...
yeah---spread the word lady dog on Monsanto--a world that eats frankenfoods is just being softened up for the next test ground--humanoids to serve you that frankenburger.
5:05 PM  

Bird said...
the best yet.

though ....

i see a purpose in the research to some extent ... 

don't like genetically modified foods - blech! fresh form earth is better.

but....stem cell research, cloning,may be vaulable - not necessarily to grow replacement parts (i want to die before i fall apart please) but ...where it might lead - the discovery. that's part of science. of course, the danger is there too - to what use will we put the discovery - good or ill? 

no one can sya.

scratch that - we can say - someone will put it to ill. so, do we not discover and find the good for fear of finding and using the ill?
pandora's box.
7:38 PM  

freya said...

i am think more about creature than wie de delen krijgt! the box of pandora is an expectation. dank u for visit. 

het welkom shinning ben!
5:56 AM  

Pete Bogs said...
is this why Bush talked recently of banning manimals? if they're anything like this picture, I have to agree with Bush for once...
6:44 AM  
Pete Bogs said...
The Garden Of Earthly Deer-lights?

is that the Goldschlager deer you consumed?
12:39 PM  

Enemy of the Republic said...

I've been to Borshian hell...don't like it much, but the colors were interesting. Very good line.

Eric said...

Fugking Great!! I just came across your site here via tartx and i'm damn glad i did. Your artwork and your writing are both so expressive, humorous and serious, not to mention very original. No, it's not the same, but you do have a little Gertrude Stein flow to your writing. Anyway, black/white/monsters/contrails...what more could you want. I'll definitely be back.

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