the creature

this story of frankenstein is very modern still. it is living levend en goed in many layers of life. artiste is creature and creator at once. when it balance the art is goede. as creator, you maak a bad image and it have to be destroyed. or that creation be the very one to define you no matter how many beautiful werks you bring. as the creature you know there is a nature to you that cannot escape. and you let a little of that show through the creators filter. then you have art.

vaarwel voor nu,


freya said...

**archived commentary to follow:

infinitesimal said...
I like you. You are cool.

I am posting chaos bloemens after I maak to save dave.
11:50 AM  

Anonymous said...
creator, creature....things go amiss when creature attempts to be its own creator, no? Creature with no respect for its original design , becomes monster, yes?
2:55 PM  

Pete Bogs said...
"It's fronk-oon-steen!!!"
7:11 PM  

Bird said...
the life of an artist - or writer.... every artist has a little monster inside - perhaps part of the task of the artist is to humanize the monster, thus vanquishing it - not just for the artist herself, but for the society, the community. that's why art is so important, even for those who can't recognize its meaning and signifigance. 

love your stuff.
9:59 PM  

freya said...
goede ochtend
today is ijs en sneeuw like zhivago cinema. good for to follow track of hind!

hallo chaos bloem...i read you post to dave. is very goed i agree with system. nice werk. dank u for kind woorden.

anon, handmaiden of the Creator is highest self and to go with nature as intended, ja! post before this is same observatie. dank u for comment. 

and bogshond too. you always drinking ever time i see u! 

vogel, today is the day to defense you idea.
met visie sparkle plenty then! what is you thesis title? can you tell? dank u for compliment
5:42 AM  

Mr Q said...
That's how I look and feel some days.
So that makes me "Artsy".
8:56 AM  

Pete Bogs said...
errr... art bad! arrr....
9:17 AM  

Reverend X said...
Just a question today...
Do you think labelling oneself an artist is justifiable? Likewise, what is your first impression of someone when they introduce their own creation as Art?
I have always thought of those terms as loaded with an inherent value as if judged by the person saying them. Maybe it is just me. Not that I have much to worry about, but I hope to only earn such labels posthumously.

"Pooo nin ooohn da riiitz!!"
5:52 PM  

freya said...
hallo ReverendX,

is it similar to calling a self preacher? 

i maak something to express idea or delight in the action of maaking. it is art or not by my own judgement. 

dat others agree is immaterial. in the practical sense if the market meet my asking price for image create by me than i can say i am artiste. i can also say i am a fir tree. my living bear witness to the truth of the word. you humility is charming. de aardige poging tot graaft!

dank u for visit.
6:51 PM  

Bird said...
yes, today was the day! I am done - things went very well. I visie sparkle plenty - thank you!
7:41 PM  

Pete Bogs said...
your habitat is melting, mein frau... and so is your right eye, by the looks of it...
7:12 AM  

Pete Bogs said...
"get me out of here... get me the hell out of here..."
6:54 AM  

Pete Bogs said...
btw, you have 3 of my top 5 favorite movies in your list...
7:28 AM  

Ben said...
Ah. What Pleasure to read all those comments. And I love this post. Man, I have been missing being here. In every sense of the word. 

To Rev X, Freya: 

Art has a way of defining itself by being out there. Art might be what finds lovers. But I do not think there is a price to be put on it. Graffiti is everywhere to be seen and some of it is amazing! To me: free art.


I love what you do. This blog in itself is art. It has style. A concept. It has variety. It has an energy that transcends and touches people. But? But not every piece you present here is of the same power. Will you therefore be condemned as creator? No. Summary: I do not agree on the "the very one to define you." If that were so there would be no room for mistakes.

The fact that some people will judge you for the (suggested) lows in your creation does NOT mean that you cannot grow. If these people were right there would no room for development.

So when you as an artist underwrite what you have written in your post I would suggest you take out (only) the "define"-part in that contract.

If you do not you will live under constant pressure to NEVER fail in your art. Can you be sure of that? If not, you better not be so hard on yourself. Otherwise there is no room for recovery.

No room for mistakes. No room for development. None for recovery. Living death.

I know, it's how some of us have to do business. 

Does not make it right, though.
3:06 PM  

The Silent Enigma said...
very impressive :)

Anonymous said...

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